Bad Timing

March 2020 marked the 10-year anniversary of my being online. I spent a lot of January and February writing a year-by-year reflection, as well as curating and creating two self-published books that collected some of my extensive online writing from the past decade.

All but one of those posts still sits in draft format, unpublished. The books are languishing on my Amazon author’s page. Any energy I may have spent on promoting the writing has been spent during this time of crisis on my job and trying to process what is happening all around me.

Because  I have issues, in moments like these I tend to get paralyzed by a lack on control, but also that no matter what I do, it isn’t enough. Am I really doing what I can? Or am I just being lazy (a common criticism against me, but also a common criticism of those with ADHD)? I’ve been working non-stop, and now I’m writing op-eds, producing podcasts and webinars, taking care of my family, checking in on friends.

But I can’t sew, so I can’t make more masks. I don’t have a 3D printer, don’t know anyone in the neighborhood to keep tabs on…I focus on all the things I can’t do, rather than all the things I have done, and I am overwhelmed by all the things I could be doing, unable to choose what is best or most important (another ADHD trait).

And then, one op-ed I’m co-writing will pay. I don’t need the money, or the complication of how each of us will get our share. So I think, why not donate it? And then I think, why no donate everything? So, as of today, if you buy one of my two self-published books, I will donate the proceeds to Hope for College.

So buy Learning to Breathe which focuses on mental health, and Twist, Weave, Untangle about my becoming a critical digital pedagogue. Any op-ed I write and receive payment for during this time will be donated as well. I am fortunate that I am in a position where my family is still being paid, still earning our full income during this crisis.

So please consider buying my books, or consider me for an op-ed piece. The money is going to a good cause.